Recycled Coffee?

Lets face it, I love coffee! Why else would I have a blog entitled “Cafe per lei”, which loosely translated from italian is “coffee for you?” This love for coffee means I have a large taste tolerance.  I can drink coffee hot or cold, I can even drink it one-day old. So this picture is just one of many days you can find multiple cups on my desk. There is an ongoing joke in my office about my coffee habits.

I will get coffee at various places and reuse the cups. Some people ask, “why don’t you use a travel mug?” Simply because when I use a travel mug and I drink the coffee in the car, I spill it on my clothes. Most tops of the travel mugs have the opening below the lip. this causes a problem for me.  But the lid of disposible cups are SAFE for me.  I can drink coffee and keep my clothes clean.

Now everyone laughs at my cup reusing. One day was especially funny. I bought a coffee that mornning and natually didn’t finish the coffee. (I always by 16oz cups.) I left the cup on my desk at the end of the day. When I get back the following day the cup is there and so is the coffee. Usually I get fresh coffee from the kitchen. As the picture shows there are 3 cups infront of my cucumber water. ( I do have some proper drinking manners.)

So one day I walked in an expected to see my Wawa cup. (The only one-day old coffee cup.) I shocked to find the cup missing, at the moment I realized, the cleaning crew threw away my cup. More to follow……….


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