Normal Monday!

This morning started out promising, (unusual for a Monday, huh?) Had my Green Mountian Coffee ready when I came down stairs. I started with the Signature French Roast. The flavor is  “lighter” than I expected. Don’t get me wrong it was good, added my usual cream and sugar. I am the type of person who will drink the same cup of coffee all day if I get busy. I won’t reheat it, I’ll drink it cold. I know, some of you are screaming, but hey, if you love coffee you can drink it hot, cold, or a little old. But NEVER bitter.

Now back to the day, the sun was out and morning temperature about 48°F. Got in the car; had KLove on the radio.  Great start to a day, (and my coffee is still hot and good). Unfortunately like every day once you get to work, things can change. At work who knows what brand of coffee is available. We have a coffee maker in the kitchen and the coffee depends on who is willing to donate a can.  The second cup was not as good, and then the day slowly begins to go down hill. Before you know it, lunch time has arrived and you are behind the 8-ball. When 4 pm arrives you are behind a snowball! A BIG snowball & and it is going to catch you. I could get into the events of the day, but it is pretty boring. BTW I was at work until 6:45pm. Most people left at 5 pm. Not much to blog about and I don’t want to turn this into a blog of negativity. I want to “STOP and smell the coffee”; because a smell is a passive action. It comes naturally and easily. I rather leave you with the thought of me running from a snowball chasing the smell of coffee! 


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