Welcome back to me.

I’ve lost an entire year of my life to living; imagine that! Coffee yes, I am still in love.  I was give coffee from Italy.  LavAzza Qualita Rossa very mind flavor, finely ground, and I wish it actually took me to Italy.

No back to losing my life….. Look at my last post, January 2012? I intended on blogging but it never happened.  Lets begin with a fresh start. I get most of my ideas and themes I’d love to discuss in the car driving to work or, late at night.  If I am driving then I can’t be typing. If it’s late then I should be sleeping, because … I WORK.

Tomorrow I go to NYC, on of my favorite places! So it’s up early, make the coffee, get dolled up, catch the train and off I go!

Catch ya later!