Welcome back to me.

I’ve lost an entire year of my life to living; imagine that! Coffee yes, I am still in love.  I was give coffee from Italy.  LavAzza Qualita Rossa very mind flavor, finely ground, and I wish it actually took me to Italy.

No back to losing my life….. Look at my last post, January 2012? I intended on blogging but it never happened.  Lets begin with a fresh start. I get most of my ideas and themes I’d love to discuss in the car driving to work or, late at night.  If I am driving then I can’t be typing. If it’s late then I should be sleeping, because … I WORK.

Tomorrow I go to NYC, on of my favorite places! So it’s up early, make the coffee, get dolled up, catch the train and off I go!

Catch ya later!



Recycled Coffee?

Lets face it, I love coffee! Why else would I have a blog entitled “Cafe per lei”, which loosely translated from italian is “coffee for you?” This love for coffee means I have a large taste tolerance.  I can drink coffee hot or cold, I can even drink it one-day old. So this picture is just one of many days you can find multiple cups on my desk. There is an ongoing joke in my office about my coffee habits.

I will get coffee at various places and reuse the cups. Some people ask, “why don’t you use a travel mug?” Simply because when I use a travel mug and I drink the coffee in the car, I spill it on my clothes. Most tops of the travel mugs have the opening below the lip. this causes a problem for me.  But the lid of disposible cups are SAFE for me.  I can drink coffee and keep my clothes clean.

Now everyone laughs at my cup reusing. One day was especially funny. I bought a coffee that mornning and natually didn’t finish the coffee. (I always by 16oz cups.) I left the cup on my desk at the end of the day. When I get back the following day the cup is there and so is the coffee. Usually I get fresh coffee from the kitchen. As the picture shows there are 3 cups infront of my cucumber water. ( I do have some proper drinking manners.)

So one day I walked in an expected to see my Wawa cup. (The only one-day old coffee cup.) I shocked to find the cup missing, at the moment I realized, the cleaning crew threw away my cup. More to follow……….


Normal Monday!

This morning started out promising, (unusual for a Monday, huh?) Had my Green Mountian Coffee ready when I came down stairs. I started with the Signature French Roast. The flavor is  “lighter” than I expected. Don’t get me wrong it was good, added my usual cream and sugar. I am the type of person who will drink the same cup of coffee all day if I get busy. I won’t reheat it, I’ll drink it cold. I know, some of you are screaming, but hey, if you love coffee you can drink it hot, cold, or a little old. But NEVER bitter.

Now back to the day, the sun was out and morning temperature about 48°F. Got in the car; had KLove on the radio.  Great start to a day, (and my coffee is still hot and good). Unfortunately like every day once you get to work, things can change. At work who knows what brand of coffee is available. We have a coffee maker in the kitchen and the coffee depends on who is willing to donate a can.  The second cup was not as good, and then the day slowly begins to go down hill. Before you know it, lunch time has arrived and you are behind the 8-ball. When 4 pm arrives you are behind a snowball! A BIG snowball & and it is going to catch you. I could get into the events of the day, but it is pretty boring. BTW I was at work until 6:45pm. Most people left at 5 pm. Not much to blog about and I don’t want to turn this into a blog of negativity. I want to “STOP and smell the coffee”; because a smell is a passive action. It comes naturally and easily. I rather leave you with the thought of me running from a snowball chasing the smell of coffee! 


Welcome to Cafeperlei

It may seem strange that I am welcoming you in my second post; let me explain. My husband is the computer geek; he actually wrote the first post; but from now on it is ME ~~ Cafeperlei.

What I need to explain, is how I make coffee. It is actually simple, when I am in my own house I use this ratio – 2 fewer scoops of coffee than cups of water. Eight cups of water to six scoops of coffee. But if you are visiting (like in Hyattsville) then out of politiness I asked the host “How do you make coffee?”

Tomorrow I will be sampling my first coffee to critique. Green Mountian Coffee Signature French Roast regular. I think it is best to start with what my dad calls, “real coffee”. He’s an “8 o’clock coffee” guy.

Until the morning Good Night!

Coffee in Hyattsville

I was visiting some relative in Hyattsville MD, right before Christmas. We wanted to see the Christmas tree in DC. It was a nice day. We woke up around 10:00 and started brewing our morning coffee. I always get confused how many cups of water and how many spoons of coffee I need to put. I made coffee for years and still it is an unknown territory.